Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl is ready to go home. Two years later, they are married. This is the fairy tale that led to the beginning of Barnes Crossing Hyundai Mazda.

Two years ago, two college students, Josh Kilpatrick and Jessie Marshall, enjoyed a relaxing 4 day cruise through the Caribbean aboard the ship named Sovereign of the Seas. On the last night, Jessie met Josh in the lobby, wanting his advice about a purchase she was making. Five minutes turned into two hours, but after two hours, Jessie was ready to leave. She said a fast goodbye, and was gone, leaving no telephone number, home address, or even a last name.

Josh knew that he had met the girl he wanted to marry. Jessie was not nearly so certain. She was about to begin Dental School at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, and had no interest in trying to maintain a long-distance relationship. Josh was from the small town of Monroeville, Alabama. After his graduation from the University of Southern Mississippi, he would join the Army as a Warrant Officer, and over the next two years complete flight school to be a UH-60M Blackhawk pilot.

In June of 2008, Josh left for basic training. He was sent to Fort Knox, Kentucky. After searching through a few hundred Jessies on Facebook, he found and contacted her. She agreed to have dinner with him at the Louisville airport. During this time, he asked her if he could write her letters while at basic training. She said, “Yes.”

Thus, began a relationship that blossomed into an engagement, an engagement into a beautiful marriage. However, let’s back up to January of 2010.

In January, Joe Marshall, Jessie’s father, received an email about automotive dealership for sale in Tupelo, MS. Very interested in the proposal, he traveled to Mississippi to meet the current owner. Looking around the Hyundai Mazda dealership, he knew that the Lord had sent him that email. It was perfect; a good location, great franchise, and wonderful people. He traveled back to Louisville, KY on a mission to find the right partner. It was nearing midnight on his drive back when he called Jessie. He told her about the dealership; it was a dream come true.

As soon as Jessie got off the phone with her dad, she called her fiancé, Josh. Excited to tell him all that her father had just told her, he then relayed the information to his dad, Terry Kilpatrick. Terry was interested in Joe’s business endeavors, and stayed informed about what was happening through Josh. Meanwhile, Josh and Jessie’s wedding was getting close.

About a month away from the wedding, Terry and Joe decided to go into business together. Thus, Barnes Crossing Hyundai and Barnes Crossing Mazda were born. So, the two families were connected, and a month later, the two families became one family as everyone celebrated the marriage of Josh & Jessie on July 3, 2010

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